During 2017 I began writing teeny-tiny stories about coffee shop meetings with kooky peeps who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

fiction dusted with fact + fantasy.

A lot of "life" was happening at that time, and although I longed to be sitting in real cafés writing real stories about what I saw around me, venturing outside the mental and emotional safety of my 4 walls just didn't seem possible. But my desire to write coffee-shop stories WAS real, so I found a way to be inspired from the secure comfort of my blanket laden couch.

enter the music videos.

Not for the first time in my life, it was music videos that rescued me. I literally pushed play on a pop music video show I had sitting on my hard drive recorder, and gave myself the challenge of writing a story inspired by each video, whether I loved it or not - the video that is, not my story 😉.

So now, here I am, sharing 48 super short-but-sweet fictional coffee shop moments. Stories to make you think. To make you smile. Perhaps to make you want to write your own words whilst drinking coffee! (I've got you covered for all three and more.)

each story is its own experience.

An individual page is dedicated to each story = 48 pages.

Each page houses:

  • The Story

  • The Inspo (inspiration)*

  • The Author Notes (by me!)*

It's all set out in a 'pick-a-card grid format', where you choose which one to experience next.

*Deluxe edition only


Fancy a test run?

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And I’ve added 3 PDF Coffee Shop Note-papers (2 with journalling prompts) that you may print over and over and use forever.
Nothing to lose. Fun and love to gain.



perhaps you've seen story excerpts on instagram & you’re ready for all 48 stories.

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